The People of Three Crows

The Family

Wife, Mother, and animal hero. She, a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Diva gives unmeasurable love to everything with four paws. She is a board member of Lucky Day Animal Rescue. An, “All animal” rescue and sanctuary doing amazing work locally and we are quite proud to be part of its efforts. Dodie is the prime caregiver to the animals that we foster here for Lucky Day in what has affectionally come to be known as Andersons Halfwayhouse for Wayward Critters.


AKA “The Freakboy” a name he picked up in a time when Paintballing was a great time spent with friends and family. He has since moved to other exciting stuff. Fishing, experiencing the great outdoors in all its wonder has supplanted the exhilaration of hunting and being hunted by the deadly paintballer. He is a Highland Snare drummer with Flint Scottish Pipe Band. An organization with over 100 years of supporting Scottish heritage in the Great Lakes Area. Here he writes score, teaches, and leads the Flint Scottish drumline as Drum Seargent performing at events all over the Great Lakes region. At home, he aids in growing herbs and vegetables in our not-so-traditional gardens and is venturing into the Precious Plastic movement.


A cherished member of the family and household. Often giving her time and expertise to our efforts in animal rescue and… rounding up goats. A lover of all life, especially her Allie the Weinerdog and Casanova “The Fluff” one of our “Foster Failure” cats who has himself become a cherished family member. Chloe, for some reason, seems to hold the Freakboy (my offspring) in high regard!
She loves adventuring in nature, is an avid fisherperson, and is a wonderfully creative crafter working in various mediums. She also helps out as our liaison with the wonderful people at Riverside Animal Hospital.


AKA Gnomieo
Discoverer of the “Permaculture” word in this family and instigator of its practice here. Caretaker and transformer of the land, the goat man, the duck watcher, assistant cat wrangler, the fella that tinkers with this website… and all-around lover of life.