Our eCommerce platform is organized into the three categories listed below.
Proceeds from sales in all categories will contribute to the cost of food, toys, litter, etc. As we work to give the animals of Lucky Day Animal Rescue the best possible life in our care. Any income above and beyond our costs will be paid forward to Lucky Day itself in good faith. I appreciate your support.

“Three Crows Exclusives”
Here we host our production. In-season produce (our excess if given), perennial plants, services, and goods that are respectfully grown and crafted from the land we manage and our ingenuity. Occasionally hosting items crafted by local artisans created with components grown and produced under our care. For sale or trade by arrangement and local pickup.

“The Stange Collection”
The collections of our departed elders are hosted in this area. We hope to find a collector who will cherish these items they held dear. The collection contains an elaborate selection of beer steins, collectible dolls, decorative plates, and other novelties. Shipping is available on most of these items.

“Local Billboards”
This feature of our web stretches the utility of an eCommerce platform!
It attempts to support entrepreneurs with ethical motives, local producers, creators, and businesses by connecting them with local ethical customers.
A classified ads section that enshrines the mantra~”Earthcare+Peoplecare+Fairshare=Local Futures.

By selecting “Buy Product” and “Checking Out” with the “Items” listed in this “Billboards” area of our web. You support the entrepreneur by increasing visibility on this website, getting a chance to comment and review, and a small contribution goes to the care of foster animals on our premises. Thus you share your “Lifes Energy,” aiding our efforts while finding and vitalizing local energies in our communities. Although there is no obligation, we surely appreciate the chip-in and thank you for visiting. Shares on social media if you should feel the itch will be greatly appreciated.

Currently, we are seeking to identify local home-scale producers within the “Flint River Watershed Area”. This is our Zone 0, Home, and “Place.”

Family Owned and Operated Businesses, Seasonal “Vegetable Carts”, “Roadside Produce Stands,” and producers of “Organic Foods.” Crafters who create goods that are wholesome and ecologically responsible. “Home-Scale” Refurbishers/Resalers who hunt down and revitalize the embedded energies of machines and household goods for retail or resale. We also seek activists in “Local Futures,” and certified Permaculture Instructors, and their establishments/organizations in all “Zones” within the Great Lakes Area.

Just the beginning that I hope will enable us in our “Billboards” area to promote economics, which will reflect and encourage responsibility to Place.
Interested persons, please start correspondence HERE