About our Website

Welcome to our family’s little corner of the World Wide Web.

In our Blog, we will share our life experiences. Around family, animal rescue, foraging, gardening, self-sufficiency, art, music, and craft. Sharing our examples and efforts as we attempt to create. “A Good Place to Live.”

Our articles will probably contain good and bad examples as we muddle along… But we hope our thoughts will inspire the character and courage in our readers to “Be the change they want to see in the world” and discover insights, pathways, and patterns that aid your creation.

We also host an internet storefront that will have multiple functions. Not simply provide a yield for its creators, but have a charitable support role to our local economy. At the same time, find new owners for the collectibles handed down from our elders.

The Stange Collection is the primary motivator for our storefront. An elaborate collection of beer steins, collectible dolls, and other goodies. The “Stuff!” people collect in a lifetime. If you knew Mr. and Mrs. Stange, you would understand why we must find homes for these things, with people who will cherish them vs. selling them in bulk to a reseller or at auction. Geri and Phil would haunt us! We hope to find the right people through the power of the web.

But of course, we can’t just turn on a commerce web platform without attaching our spin. Because, well… the world just doesn’t need another eCommerce website.


If you know us, you know that our passion for animal rescue is a big deal in our lives! Our storefront will nurture that priority with the sales from the Stange Collection and… A crazy advertising scheme!

The transactions here will help relieve some costs of caring for our rescue animals, and any funds over our expenses will be paid forward to Lucky Day Animal Rescue. The local rescue we foster for. Easy-peasy right? All wholesome and stuff, right? So… What’s the Spin?!

Permaculture Thinking!

I mean… I’m not going to try and sell you an education in Permaculture. There are plenty of people and organizations out there more qualified than I am for that. If you are interested in learning from a Jedi, we might direct you to someone who is. That is part of the function of this website, developing the awareness and practices of Permaculture Thinking. Sort of… outside the Choir and Congregation.

That said, Permaculture thinking is rolling around my noggin all the time, and… looking at this web space as part of my holistic design, an “Internet garden bed.” What could I plant here? And… How will it interact with the ecologies and zones of my planning? From my home, “Zone 0,” to my community and even into “Zone 5” the Wilderness!


As I was setting up this site, I knew I didn’t want to plant poison ivy or invasive weeds in this internet garden. These ads would likely point to energies outside my community and wouldn’t enshrine any thought of “Careful Use” or any ethical practice. So I chose not to enable any click-me advertising widgets to make extra pennies. But what about advertising? Advertising. The most aggravating function of the World Wide Web. How can we use this superpower for good?

The Lens of Permaculture equals “Thoughtful and Careful Use,” and therefore, Local Futures

Permaculture is a design system guided by a set of ethics and principles. Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share the ethics. Our website’s Local Billboards section is a tool to meet at least one of the principles. “Catch and Store Energy”

“An attempt to build a good place to live”

Bill Mollison, when asked to describe Permaculture to a child

Hosting advertising for businesses that hold these ethical values, focused within my “Place,” forms a little swale to catch the energy embedded in the efforts of people doing their best to earn “Right Livelihoods.” and sink that fertility into the soil of the Flint River Watershed.

Screenshot of the Flint River Watershed https://www.mapflint.org/

In what may be a hair-brained but genuinely altruistic advertising scheme, we offer the “Local Billboards” section of our website’s storefront. A user searched classified ads space. With no fees! Only Gratitude!

A user-searched ad space featuring local ethical producers, services, and creators. Folks seeking “Right Livelihoods.”

Gathering inspiration from the Local Futures and Permaculture movements, I hope you will find inspiration here on your visit.  But foremost, if you reside/work/produce locally? Will you join us?  As we “Slow Sink and Store” the “Lifes Energy” of our communities back into our communities.

More about our Billboard advertising…

Rethink Resist Renew

  • “Lifes Energy” is a term learned from Vicki Robin and Joe Domingues in their book Your Money or Your Life that influenced my perspectives on the priorities of western work ethic and expectations. Focusing on simple living and retiring early from the Rat Race.
  • “Slow, Sink, and Store” refers to the Permaculture Principle of “Catch and Store Energy.” Often in terms of water sequestration.
  • The featured image of this page represents an example of a “Zone and Sector Analysis Map.” A tool used in Permaculture Design to identify logically efficient activity patterns, cooperative potential, and influential forces over a landscape.